Zidane Meriboute
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Islam's Fateful Path

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,
I am happy to inform you on the publication by the Londonian Publisher I.B Tauris of the translation and Update into English of my book: "La Fracture islamique:demain le soufisme?" , Ed.Fayard, Paris, 2004. 

The English title is: Zidane Meriboute, Islam's Faiteful Path:The Critical Choices Facing Modern Muslims, Publisher, I.B Tauris, London, January 2009,  Translated by Dr.John King. 
A commentary on the book:
‘The author is to be lauded for pointing to the internal diversity of the Islamic tradition and the deep roots of tolerance, human rights, women’s empowerment, and religious freedom embedded within it.

Such concepts retrieved from within Islamic thought and practices represent the strongest rejoinder to the extremists and their distortion
of Islamic history and doctrine. Islam’s Fateful Path is a timely and eloquent appeal to both Muslims and non-Muslims to recognize their common values and the possibility for peaceful co-existence this shared heritage implies.’
Asma Afsaruddin, Associate Professor of Arabic and
Islamic Studies, University of Notre Dame